1. Why is brass used for pooja? 

The pooja brass items are known for their durability features. Any idols or vessels made out of brass will remain for long hours. And, due to their chemical compositions, they stay for more than 10 years. 

2. What is ghee diya? 

According to Agni Purana, igniting ghee diya increases sattvic tattva, including bliss, light, and goodness. Sattvic mind is always blissful internally and steady. It is a practice to ignite diya by using ghee, which will positively impact health, wealth, and happiness. 

3. How do you keep ghee in liquid diya? 


1. You need to warm your solidified ghee until it becomes liquid. 


2. Arrange your cotton wicks under an airtight container.


3. Hold each cotton wick one by one, and you need to submerge the top of the cotton wick in the liquid ghee.  

4. Which metal is good for diya? 

To attract positive vibes and dispel negativity, you must use brass diya. Metals like brass are known as good conductors for positive energy. Using brass diya creates happiness and a joyous aura in the house. 

5. What were the oil lamps used for? 

Oil lamps are the alternative to candles and are used as lighting. In 1780, the Argand lamps were used in the basic ancient form. After that, around 1850, they were replaced by kerosene lamps. 

6. What is diya used for? 

The lighting of Diya symbolizes goodness and purity and dispelling darkness by going into the light. Also, lighting the diya on Diwali, celebrated on the new moon day, reflects how the light gets rid of darkness. Also, lighting the diya denotes dispelling of greed, anger, and other vices.

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